Vibrator Mounting to Hoppers and Bins

The purpose of rotary vibration on bins, hoppers and chutes is to transmit vibration through the wall into the product contained inside.

  • The vibrator should always be installed with a proper mounting made of channel iron stitch welded to the wall of the bin's cone with a steel plate welded on top!
  • Maximum vibration transfer efficiency occurs when the vibrator is rigidly mounted, and the force and frequency are transmitted over a large reinforced surface area.
  • If structure is not made rigid, the vibrator might draw high amperage and move material less efficiently.

Regularly examine the mounted vibrator for loose bolts, nuts, structural cracks (gussets, legs, W-beam or channel mount), to ensure performance of the unit.
This, besides reducing structural damage, will lower noise level and increase vibration transfer.

When mounting the vibrator, make sure mounting surfaces are dry and free of dirt, rust, scale, paint, grease, oil, etc.

Install the vibrator in lowest 1 / 3 sloped cone section.

A mounting channel or W-beam (better!) should be as long as is practical to install
(2/3 the length of the slope - minimum), and as wide as the vibrator base.
It should be stitch welded to the hopper, bin, or chute to be vibrated. Weld 3", skip 1½" - never weld closer than 1" from the ends or corners of the W-beam.
If using a channel it can be notched to provide access to mounting bolts.

Never weld the structure with the vibrator mounted and wired.
Welding may cause damage to motor windings and bearings.

This setup may vary depending on the problem in the cones, like ratholing or bridging.

Multiple Mount

For thin bin walls two or more smaller vibrators should be used instead of a larger one.

If two vibrators are required, they should be mounted 180° apart.

If three vibrators are needed, they should be mounted 120° apart.

Safety Cable

Mounted vibrators should always be attached to a safety cable securing the vibrator to the structure.
Do not attach the safety cable to the channel.
Without cable, vibrator (and even channel) could fall and cause injury.
For proper cable installation and sizing contact your local vibrator
distributor or vibrator specialist.